Evaggelia Rooms Ammouliani

Enjoy your holidays on Ammouliani island in a calm and convenient environment. Evaggelia rooms for rent are near the port of Ammouliani, as well as near the beach.


Evaggelia Rooms & Apartments
Ammouliani Island

Rumor has it that when God created Earth, a diamond dropped out of his pocket by mistake. This diamond ended up in the Aegean Sea next to sacred Mount Athos. It is our little precious island Ammouliani. In this blessed place we have created Evaggelia Apartments with love and care for all of our guests.

Evaggelia Apartments is a small family-run business, which is located within the main village of Ammouliani. It is just 250 meters from the port and the center of the island and around 200 meters from the closest beach.


Rooms to let

In addition, we offer spacious rooms to let, which are also decorated according to the island lifestyle. It is our priority to make you feel at home and enjoy your vacations on our island.

All of our rooms have a private bathroom and are equipped with airconditioning, a kitchen, a fridge, TV and a balkony. Cleaning service is also availale upon request.

If you have any questions or if you are planning on visiting Ammouliani island soon, just call us. We'll be more than happy to help you plan your trip!


Ammouliani Island

Enjoy your holidays on Ammouliani island in a calm and convenient environment. Evaggelia rooms for rent are near the port of Ammouliani, as well as near the beach. Offering fully equipped, spacious and stylish rooms on Ammouliani island. Whatever you need in order to relax and enjoy our small island is here.


The Island

In the bustling Halkidiki, right across from Mount Athos, is Ammouliani - a hidden paradise. It is hidden because not many are aware of its existence. And it is definitely a paradise, due to its amazing exotic beaches.

Our island is undoubtedly a blessed place. Its population is around 600 people, most of whom are employed in Tourism and in the Fishing sector. Therefore, it's always a good idea to visit some of the small tavernas, where you can taste fresh fish and seafood. In addition, you can find on spot various cafeterias, bars, supermarkets, a pharmacy and a traditional bakery.



An image is 1000 words, they say. Well, the photos of Ammouliani's beaches are so magnificent that we are struggling to find the right words to describe them. Some of the most popular beaches are Alikes, Agios Georgios, Megali Ammos and Karagatsia. Every single one of them offers crystal-clear, light blue water and golden sand. However, the catalogue of beaches does not end here. There are many more, which you can discover either by car or by renting a boat, which is highly recommended as in that way you can visit some of the most secluded beaches of the island, including the small nearby island complex of Drenia.



A typical day in Ammouliani starts with a visit to the beach, where you can enjoy your morning coffee with a view. If you are into snorkelling or diving, it's the perfect place to try it, since the surrounding underwater area is simply amazing.

In the lunch time, you can visit some of the small restaurants of the island where you can taste really fresh fish, caught by the local fishermen. In the dusk, you can wander in the scenic roads of the island and drink a cocktail with the view of Mount Athos. During the evening consider having a drink in a bar by the sea or pay a visit to the local club.



If you thought that on a small island like Ammouliani there are no activities available, you might want to reconsider. The lovers of the sea will truly appreciate a variety of activities on spot.

A quite popular choice is renting a boat with or without a driver, since no driving license is required. With this boat you can freely wander around the island, discovering beaches that are available only by the boat and spending a day at the sea. Alternatively, you can take a boat cruise towards the nearby exotic Drenia Islands or around the Athos peninsula.


Mount Athos

Sacred Mount Athos is right across Ammouliani Island. Indeed, the view of the mountain is really breathtaking.

Many travellers tend to combine visiting Mount Athos and then relaxing on Ammouliani Island. Others, who enjoy their vacations on our island, simply choose to take a cruise tour around the peninsula in order to admire the iconic architecture of the monasteries. The choice is yours.